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Who will pay for errors or redraws?
If I have in any way misinterpreted the brief or incorrectly drawn anything, I will, of course, redraw the relevant illustrations at no extra cost. However, if for any reason, the brief changes or the client re thinks something I will have to charge for any work incurred.

How quickly can I turn around a job?
This cannot easily be answered, depending obviously on the size and intricacy needed. However, I can turnaround 30- 40 roughs in a few hours and work these up to a good finish in approximately one further day. I have been known to do the nightshift and turn 40 frames around in one day but the more time, the better the finish.

Can I draw anything?
Providing you supply me with the relevant reference material: product shots; logo; location & casting pictures then yes.

Can you work in a variety of styles?
Yes. I have in the past created boards in watercolours; mixed media; chalk pastels; pen and ink and charcoal. Indeed whatever the client wants, providing I have enough time.

My rates:
Rough storyboards and initial briefing are included in the final price.
I charge £23 per Black and White frame and £40 per Colour frame. Larger, more detailed work is to be discussed.
Alternatively, I can charge a per day rate. This is £400 per day.
However prices can be negotiable depending on your budget. It never hurts to ask.

How I work:
I currently reside in Bristol UK. However I have many clients in London. I am very happy to travel anywhere fore initial consultation and briefing. I will then work up the illustrations and send them via email. I also have very good working relationships with a number of Directors from many parts of the world. I work with them exclusively via email’ Skype and webcam. This arrangement works very well.
I will initially supply roughs for approval before working them up to whatever finish you request. I normally only supply digital copies but hard copies can be supplied on request.
I have a good knowledge of film making. Of how shots cut together, framing and pacing. I don’t just draw pretty pictures.